Why Kirby T's?


Kirby T’s is owned by award winning artist & designer Dave Beaty. From an early age he had an interest in art and dreamed of being a comic book artist. His first full time job was in the T-shirt and apparel industries in the 1990’s. Animated Jack’s was a Retail T-shirt store that also offered custom printing in the Mid-South (Memphis, TN and the surrounding area). During his tenure with AJ’s he designed T-shirts and advertising specialty products for many local and high profile clients. Among the more well know clients were FedEx, Blockbuster Video (It was the 90’s), Clear Channel Communications, and Elektra Entertainment Group. Animated Jack’s also designed many pre-print T-shirt lines that featured the fun-loving rabbit mascot known as “Jack”. While living in the Mid-South area Dave worked for several different screen printing companies and also worked on comic books at night. Longing to prove his worth beyond just T-shirt design, he and his wife moved from Tennessee to Arizona. It was his hope that this move would open up new opportunities for him to pursue his interest in marketing and illustration.

Initially Dave found himself designing T-shirts for many companies local to AZ. Most of the work was for the construction industry and also tourist themed designs for many local retail stores. Eventually he started doing marketing and advertising design for many local companies before finally realizing his dream of drawing comic books for both Marvel and DC Comics. During this time, Dave and his wife adopted Kirby the Wonder Dawg, who became his constant companion. Kirby’s namesake is Jack Kirby, one of Dave’s favorite comic book artists. During his tenure at DC Comics he worked on many notable series such as Batman Inc. (with writer Grant Morrison), Brightest Day (with writer Geoff Johns), and Grifter (with writer Rob Liefeld). After the loss of his longtime friend and collaborator, Scott Clark, Dave found himself at a crossroads

Dave discovered he missed the creative nature of designing t-shirts. Almost every design involves interesting challenges and opportunities that involve not just design but also branding and surprisingly enough… storytelling. He wanted to return to designing t-shirts but do it in a totally new way. The technology offered by Kirby T’s enables us to take full advantage of his ability to create truly unique full color custom t-shirts for you. We do not use clip art in our designs. Each design is a work of art created just for our clients. Custom t-shirt printing with no minimum order! And yes… Kirby T’s is named in honor of Kirby the Wonder Dawg. 

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